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1. Mirco size---we can produce mirco magnet products, It’s wildly used in sensor,medical equipment industry. Size we can do :min 0.2mm ,tolerance :+/-0.005mm according to the shape. 2.Terrible environment---Low weight loss products, It’s wildly used in severe circumstance, such as high temperature,high humidity,Hast test result less than 1.0 mg/cm2. TCM has a effective solution with a permanent magnet which could solve your problems simply and cost economic.


Permanent magnets are main components of many motor and electronic devices. Your choice of the magnetic materials will affect performance, dimension, and cost of the final product. TCM Magnetic Products can provide customized assistance, we also can assemble a complete magnetic components or subassembly ready to go into your end product. Try Now!

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If you need a very powerful magnet, this is the one for you. They were not joking when they said this little magnet is powerful. I have never seen such a powerful magnet in such a small package. Great item.

Marin BarsicDirector of TP

WOW!!! Got a tell ya, these are no joke. I had these magnets not more than 5 miniutes, one in one hand and one in the other, about 5" apart! This is what happened! I cut my finger trying to stop them from connecting. Be careful. I have never seen magnets this powerful. They are extremely brittle and will shatter if they hit a metal object or another magnet as you can see. Extremely strong!! I give them 5 stars because of there strength!

Jourdan SaintCustomer

Excellent product. Very strong magnets as described. I used them to put one in my cell phone case (iPhone 6 plus with an Otterbox case) and put one on the cellphone holder in my truck. Now the phone stays on the holder with just the magnets and it is easy to remove and replace. The magnet is strong enough that it will hold my phone on a vertical metal surface.

Julia BerzkalnaCustomer


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