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TCM Magnetics is a high-tech magnet factory dedicated to manufacturing ,researching and developing customized permenant magnet and magnetic assemblies whose goals are more efficient and green to the world.We are committed to deliver word-class quality with consistent performance at a competitive price. Our business scope defines as all products which related to magnetic application,such as Motor,winder turbine,elevator,sensor,seperator and so on.

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TCM Magnetics supports on design and production for custom neodymium magnet (neo magnet), high strength magnet, countersunk hole magnets as well as a few small magnet and lager magnet.

  • The king of the magnet, highest power
  • Small volume, most efficient
  • Max working temp.350°C, Thermal stability
  • Better corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • Most economic magnet, speaker magnet
  • Less magnetic power and worse machinability
  • Mini size to 0.2mm, tolerance 0.01mm
  • More quantity more economic and consistency
  • To stick on any surface firmly
  • Rectangle and circular disc neodymium
  • Countersunk hole to fix on the steel easily
  • M3,M5,M6 and so on for you choose
  • Largest Neodymium Magnet, Wholesale Price
  • Bigger than 6 inch neodymium magnet
  • N52, Most powerful magnet
  • Disc, block any shape for customized
  • Create colorful designs for education and toys
  • 216PCS Sphere Balls 3mm, 5mm, 8mm

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With Certificated manufacturing facility and long history, TCM Magnetics owns almost all key technologies on assembly magnetic industry.

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China's most potential magnetic materials professional manufacturers, TCM Magnetics can support your innovations and take full responsibility for quality.


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What Clients Say

Very strong little magnets. I used them to hold up a metal sign and it's almost impossible to pull off. Down side, these magnets are very brittle. I drop them on the carpet and they slammed together and shattered.

Anna JohnsonCEO

Excellent product. Very strong magnets as described. I used them to put one in my cell phone case (iPhone 6 plus with an Otterbox case) and put one on the cellphone holder in my truck. Now the phone stays on the holder with just the magnets and it is easy to remove and replace. The magnet is strong enough that it will hold my phone on a vertical metal surface.

Julia BerzkalnaCustomer

Love to play with these magnets I use them for finger exersices to try and take them apart. They are that stong. Just use your fingers and you will see. I got some iron to mess around with these too allot of fun. I use the so many projects. You would be very suprised when you need a super strong magnet as a tool comes in handy for so much. And I alway's these they may cost more but are worth it because of the type they are.

Paul B.Customer

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