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Very strong little magnets. I used them to hold up a metal sign and it's almost impossible to pull off. Down side, these magnets are very brittle. I drop them on the carpet and they slammed together and shattered.

Anna Johnson

chose magnet should take adequate consideration of working temperature

Under different working environment the magnet properities is not same. For new developing products, client should consider it and test two or more grade. How to choose magnet garde?

Magnet used in motor, pump, wind power system, and car, it's main part of the magnetic coupling, clutch.

Because the operating temperature, working time, and magnet performance are different, especially at high temperatures, the magnet test results are quite different. At room temperature, the N45SH guass meter is higher than N40UH, the generated voltage is higher,. At 80°C, 100°C, 120°C temperature, the installation of N45SH motor generated by the voltage will be less than N40UH, because N45SH ( Maximum working temperature 150°C) Demagnetization will be faster than N40UH (maximum operating temperature 180°C), When buy magnets, it is best to tell client the Br, Hcj, Hcb, BHmax as much as possible to meet the work needs.

Last time we have introduced NdFeB is the most important component of rare earth neodymium (ND), the content is the highest. According to the different grades, content ranging from 20% -32.5%, dysprosium and praseodymium is also an important component, so the magnet price is deeply affected by neodymium material price fluctuations.

SmCo magnet is characterized by strong plasticity, and can withstand high temperatures, Neodymium magnet bear the highest temperature is 200°C, and samarium cobalt magnet can withstand the highest 350°C, the price is mainly affected by cobalt. Above all need to pay attention when select the right magnet.


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