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If you need a very powerful magnet, this is the one for you. They were not joking when they said this little magnet is powerful. I have never seen such a powerful magnet in such a small package. Great item.

Marin Barsic

Linear motor, mainly used in some of the automatic control system, one transmission device converting electrical energy directly into linear motion . Because it is a new and high technology, applied more and more, so the overall prospect is pretty good.

A lot of people ask, linear motor why so expensive? Actually one of main factors affect the price is hardware is one of the rare earth magnet.

What kind of the magnet does linear motor use?

It’s the high performance ndfeb magnet blocks, dimension is different. The diagram is below.

linear motor magnet

Linear motor magnets put in where?

According to the query, to put the magnets on the steel.

PS: how long the linear motor could be used?

Under normal condition without life problem, but the collocation of linear slide rail, cable, run trough and so on are consumable, so life is restricted to these parts and materials. But six years of normal use, there should be no problem.

TCM Magnetics on high performance ndfeb magnets, specifications and shape of temperature resistance can be customized according to your requirements, welcome to contact us.


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